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Where any Act cites or refers to another Act otherwise than by its short title , the short title may, in any revised edition of the statutes printed by authority, be printed in substitution for such citation or reference. Where an Act cites another Act by year, statute, session or chapter, or a section or other portion of another Act by number or letter, the reference must, unless the contrary intention appears, be read as referring, in the case of Acts included in any revised edition of the statutes printed by authority, to that edition.

Section 1 of the Statute Law Revision Act formerly provided that every part of a title , preamble, or recital specified after the words "in part, namely," in connection with an Act mentioned in the First Schedule to that Act might be omitted from any revised edition of the statutes published by authority after the passing of that Act, and there might be added in the said edition such brief statement of the Acts, officers, persons, and things mentioned in the title, preamble, or recital, as might in consequence of such omission appear necessary.

See also section 3 of the Statute Law Revision No. It was prepared by W F Cullinan. See sections 10 2 a and 11 2 a of the Interpretation and Legislative Reform Scotland Act asp The First Revised Edition was published in It was based on the Record Edition.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Section 3 1 of the Statute Law Revision Act now provides: From any revised edition of the statutes published by authority there may be omitted enactments or words in respect of matters exclusively relating to territory within the jurisdiction of any one or more of the following, that is to say, Canada, Australia, New Zealand,.

James Williams writing in the Encyclopaedia Britannica Eleventh Edition stated that a Chronological Table and Index of the Statutes which were still law was still being published from time to time by the council of law reporting.

The revision of ISO 31000 on risk management has started

The basic or lowest level in the taxonomy deals with simple knowledge acquisition. At this level, people simply memorize, recall, list, and repeat information. The cognitive complexity grows at every level. At the highest levels, people are able to build a mental structure from diverse elements and are able to put parts together to form a whole, as well as make judgments about the value of ideas.

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The revisions they made appear fairly minor, however, they do have significant impact on how people use the taxonomy. The changes can be divided into three categories: terminology, structure, and emphasis.

The first thing most people recognize is the different terminology. The revised version changes the names of each of the six levels. The names of the major cognitive process categories were changed to indicate action because thinking implies active engagements. Knowledge is an outcome or product of thinking, it is not a form of thinking. The top two levels are essentially swapped from the old to the new version.

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And at the highest level, people generate new ideas, create a new product, or construct a new point of view. This change was made because the taxonomy is viewed as a hierarchy reflecting increasing complexity of thinking, and creative thinking creating level is considered a more complex form of thinking than critical thinking evaluating level. A person can evaluate information without being creative, but creative thinking requires some level of evaluation or critical thinking i.

The revision emphasizes the use of taxonomy as a tool for alignment of curriculum planning, instructional delivery, and assessment. Additionally, the revision is aimed at a broader audience. The original taxonomy was viewed as a tool best applied in the younger grades at school. The revised version is more universal and easily applicable at elementary, secondary, as well as adult training. Just like the original taxonomy, the revised version provides a valuable framework for teachers, trainers, and instructional designers to use to focus on higher order thinking.

A need was also expressed by risk practitioners, especially in the G20 economies, for a high-level document that reflects the way risk is managed in multinational organizations and national governments, as well as how risk management should be incorporated into the governance and management systems of organizations.

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As it stands, ISO is a generic guidance document, which has been found to be very useful in developing countries and small to medium-sized enterprises. There are two possibilities:. This will need a design specification DS that outlines the issues to be addressed in addition to what has currently been achieved. This very much depends on the outcome of the proposals outlined above.

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On the other hand, if the second proposal is chosen, then I would hope to see publication of the resultant standard by the end of This news belongs to our archive. Reducing, anticipating and managing risk are all part of the daily grind for organizations that have integrated risk management into their business strategy. Why is this revision needed?

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In other words, it is important that the two documents be revised at the same time? What are the main points of the revision?