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Continuing this mini-series within the Positive Head Podcast, Brandon shares another of Gene Keys' author Richard Rudd's Ecstatics or talks focused on a historical figure who, in Richard's own view, are "extraordinary individuals who found the answer to the question of love. Gretchen Rubin is a successful author and podcaster with a keen interest in human psychology and on a quest to uncover some of the secrets of happiness and share them with others, as she does in her "Happier" podcast and on her books including her latest, "Outer Order, Inner Calm".

In this episode she also discusses with Brandon her "Four Tendencies" framework which is one of her unique insights and contributions to the field. Brandon talks about giving one's power away, figuratively speaking, since as sovereign conscious beings humans cannot really give their power away; we can only believe that we have done so and in the process cause ourselves distress over imagining ourselves disempowered. He also shares a great Bashar clip that speaks on this a propos of often-feared "chemtrails".

Erica spells for Brandon and discusses complexity and simplicity, referencing the ancient Daoist philosophy and its perspective on these complementary and contrasting aspects of reality. She also shares an Abraham-Hicks clip appropriately titled "Simplicity within complexity". Purpose-alignment coach Colleen Coles specializes in helping women in the early 21st century transcend personal trauma as well as the limiting beliefs that have held women back historically, and helps them move forward in various areas and aspects of life like relationships, career and above all, intentional, conscious living.

Continuing to share Richard Rudd's "Ecstatics" or talks expounding on a single theme or subject of great depth and richness, featuring a popular or lesser-known historical figure, this time Brandon shares the "Ecstasy of Aloneness" which centers on Rainer Maria Rilke, an Austrian mystical poet from the early 20th century. Sky Nelson-Isaacs is yet another individual of eclectic and varied interests and aptitudes: starting out with a passion for music, Sky eventually attained his master's degree in physics and now delves into quantum mechanics seeking to help evolve our scientific understanding of the cosmos to include consciousness, and as he talks in his book Living in Flow , he also discusses synchronicities with Brandon, referencing some powerful personal stories of meaningful coincidence.

Brandon talks about a healthy sense of detachment that is highly empowering, since the opposite attitude of "caring too much" can hold us back due to unwarranted concerns for disapproval, and he also shares a clip by Ralph Smart on the topic. Brandon references the idea behind this expression, about negative things following the positive and somehow "spoiling it all", and challenges these fearful assumptions and projections rooted in past hurts and disappointments with their "irrational" opposite, unbridled confidence and optimism.

Brian Miller is a relationship teacher and counselor, as well as an author and a vision quest guide. In this episode he talks about his work, the life events that prompted his spiritual transformation and his connection to our podcast. Brandon shares another of "Gene Keys" author Richard Rudd's "Ecstatics" or discussions of remarkable historical figures in "download" or revelatory fashion.

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This talk's subject is the mystic Persian poet Hafez. Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer talk in depth about about The Reconnection, their revolutionary and fundamentally different approach to healing and understanding of human physiology, as it empowers each human being to become focal points for the powerful healing and creative energy of the much larger Universal intelligence that we are all already a part of.

Brandon talks about stories once again, and their power in dictating our perspective on reality even though this is only a chosen, relative vantage point. He also shares an Abraham-Hicks clip on how "telling the story practices the vibration" and weaves in a continuation of the last episode's theme about childlike playfulness and not becoming too attached to stories. Brandon talks about childlike attitudes that are godlike or aligned with the highest intelligence, such as playfulness, imagination and innocence, and perhaps above all light-heartedness and a willingness to not take things too seriously.

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Adam Theroux is a philantropist from Rhode Island and he is also the founder and director of nonprofit organization "Good People Doing Good", which has the simple goal of helping its community with "unexpected acts of kindness" that usually entail selfless generosity, a heart-centered philosophy right in line with Positive Head values.

Brandon comments on an email by a listener named Whitney with some thought-provoking comments about acknowledging our connection to, and taking responsibility for, everything in our lives and what seems to happen "to" us, which really takes place through and for us as well. Judy Hall has a great wealth of experience working with and intuitive knowledge about many different kinds of crystals, to the extent that she has written an authoritative "Crystal Bible" with millions of copies sold, and she is of the opinion that crystals can help mediate everything from greater health and enhanced psychic faculties to fully visionary multidimensional experiences.

Brandon talks about the contrast laid out in the title, between what could be called "inspired action" as opposed to activities many of engage in, which have a quality of reluctant obligation associated with them, and he shares an Abraham-Hicks clip about "not needing the job to get the money" with an important bit of advice: alignment is more important than action. Sonya Sophia stops by again to share her EFT or "tapping" gifts, and this time the theme is balancing self-care and selfless care for others, with Sonya sharing some profound revelations about "giving our heart away" that she received recently during a plant-medicine healing session.

Jeffery Davis is a transformational coach helping people live their most fulfilling existence possible, and he uses his talents as an artist, public speaker and intuitive healer to help accomplish these goals and elevate consciousness in his sphere of influence.

Brandon shares another "ecstatic" tale from author Richard Rudd, whose powerful "Gene Keys" material has been featured in several episodes including Richard's interview on episode This time Richard's narrative includes an account of historical figure "Mother Julian" of Norwich, who also had a series of spiritually inspired visions. Bruce was raised in a highly artistic and eclectic family, and though he followed in those footsteps he ended up carving his own path through his spiritual explorations, prompted in part by some serious illnesses, and including a significant stint in the pioneering organization HeartMath.

Brandon talks about fear, that dastardly hurdle or challenge on the spiritual path of every human being, and offers some typically illuminating perspectives designed to help us see fear for what it truly is, ultimately an illusion and often an overblown irrational overreaction. He also shares a clip on this subject featuring Neale Donald Walsch. Brandon talks about numerological synchronicities that got his attention concerning the number two in triplicate, or , and remarks upon the amazing nature of the Universal mind to play with and weave layer upon layer of meaning and significance into the fabric of our daily lives, also sharing an Abraham-Hicks clip on the alignment of numbers.

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Terisa Brenna is a brand designer out of Nashville, Tennesse who founded her own brand, Star Seed, to inspire and empower individuals along their spiritual journey through unique apparel that "speaks to the soul". Brandon invites listener and friend Ashley Soltys to join him and discuss a post she recently made on the Positive Heads Facebook group and expound further on its theme of love for this St.

Valentine's holiday, which is commonly but not necessarily associated with romantic love. Hank Wesselman is an anthropologist who found himself having paradigm- and time-shifting visionary experiences, as he tells in his classic "Spiritwalker" trilogy of spiritual memoirs, and in this episode he peels back the curtian to reveal even more fascinating aspects of his connection to this timeless source of wisdom and its ongoing unfoldment, such as an uncoming fourth book in the Spiritwalker saga.

Erica talks about aliens and UFOs, which she says are fairly common sightings in Arizona where she lives, and she shares both her own personal stories and another excerpt from Dolores Cannon with more detailed and fascinating information to consider regarding our intelligent cosmic siblings from other planets and perhaps even other times and dimensions. Erica Middlemiss takes over while Brandon is away and uses a listener question on the nature of eternity as a springboard for a discussion on aspects of life that may escape our comprehension.

She takes the opportunity to share her knowledge of the book "The Law of One", also known as the "Ra material", and the work of Dolores Cannon to broach the subject of these very esoteric metaphysical facets of existence. Gerri Mana is a visionary seer, healer and coach who works with women to ignite their spark for life well into their fifties through intuition, visioning and alchemy.

To learn more about Gerri's work, visit:. Brandon welcomes Samantha Lotus back on the show to talk about self-esteem, specifically seeking to challenge several insidious ideas about selfishness, self-martyrdom and self-sacrifice that have taken on a distorted or exaggerated meaning in our cultures and civilizations.

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  6. Steve Sims has been referred to as a real-life "Wizard of Oz" for founding his luxury concierge service Bluefish, and in this episode he shares with Brandon his no-nonsense attitude through entertaining stories, as well as how he's gotten to amass wealth and rub shoulders with the rich and famous through his focus on opportunities, bringing value and offering solutions. Brandon welcomes listeners Amber Haley and Jess Koch onto the show to offer them his unique uplifting perspectives applied to their questions or problems and serving as a counselor or coach of sorts, in a relaxed informal fashion.

    The topics discussed include connecting with people when discussing deep spiritual matters, and moving on from relationships and circumstances that were once highly aligned but may no longer be so. Brandon addresses a few of the concepts aforementioned, like soulmates and twin flames, as they are more and more popular and discussed in culture and society including like-minded listeners of the show. Joell Ann Jacob is a conscious creator and "diversified artist" of several disciplines including narration, voice-over work and songwriting, as well as author of the book "Happy: How to Manage Depression and Anxiety without Big Pharma" that is sure to be of interest to fellow P Heads.

    This episode consists of Brandon reading from and commenting upon Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, a book about "lives between lives". This episode is the second part of Case 23 from Chapter 11, an "advanced soul" case study. Art Giser is a gifted intuitive healer and the creator of "Energetic NLP", which as the name suggests utilizes principles of neuro-linguistic programming blended with sheer intuitive, energetic abilities to unlock what Art refers to as our "miraculous self".

    Brandon welcomes Chris Jackson back to the show for their first joint episode of where they recount some of the amazing synchronicity they have witnessed already so far this year. Brandon talks about a sometimes-baffling principle, the "Backwards Law", that seems to keep us apart from things we obsess over, and generally brings about the opposite of what we may desire if we try "too hard" or otherwise attune to the opposite frequency of what is being focused upon.

    • Les Ssahanis: Les Chroniques dArcturus, T4 (La Dentelle du Cygne) (French Edition)!
    • SkyTest® Airline-Interview: Das psychologische Abschlussgespräch in Piloten-Einstellungstests (German Edition).
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    Brandon reads from and comments on an "advanced soul" case study from Chapter 11 of Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, an account from the dimension in-between lives gleaned through hypnotic regression that is the latest book-reading mini-series of the podcast.

    Justin Deschamps is a sort of Renaissance man of humanistic knowledge and spiritual wisdom, and in this episode he and Brandon have an extremely eclectic fascinating conversation touching upon everything from Justin's research into the UFO and extraterrestrial phenomenon, to his philosophy and science background and his view on the planetary ascension process, free will and the nature of consciousness and spirituality.

    Brandon is inspired to talk about the universal topic of love, and certain specific dimension of it that can be hard to comprehend such as the illusions of separation and ignorance, pain and evil, only being relative and existing to help make love more real, profound and complete. He also shares a clip from Wayne Dyer on "how to find true love".

    Brandon delves into the subtleties and nuances of "relationship construction", focusing on their intimacy aspects or "into-me-see" as he alternately spells it, also discussing an Abraham-Hicks clip on letting go of past relationships and highlighting some key clues like deconstructing thoughts and not being overly "committed to politeness". Dani Felt is a music marketing coach as well as founder of the "Artist Plugin Program", an online artist development academy to promote musical artists and help them "bring their music mindset to the next level".

    Brandon reads from and comments on the second part of Case Study 22, from Chapter 10 of "Journey of Souls" by Michael Newton, most recently read on ep.

    Miracle Prayer How to Pray and Get Results Susan Shumsky, D.D.

    This book is an account of "lives between lives" or a glimpse into the non-physical dimensions that consciousness ultimately springs from and always returns to. In this episode, Samantha Lotus opens up about her severe depression and serious illnesses growing up in a dysfunctional environment, and healing herself in part through discovering her spirituality and with the help of plant medicines like ayahuasca.

    She also talks with Brandon about some finer points of reality engineering like alchemy, empowerment and victimhood, emergence and universal symmetry, and how we are all both the creators and the results or the "created" in our own lives. David Krantz comes back on the show previously on ep. Brandon talks about synchronicity as an indicator that we are aligning with something larger than ourselves, and he weaves in themes of surrender and acceptance as the quickest ways to realign with the empowered, joyful universal perspective that sees connections and potentials beyond what our ordinary selves can see.

    Kelsey Bornstein is a "Galactivator" and artist, Kundalini yoga teacher and general way-show-er committed to living her own life authentically and transparently so as to help elevate consciousness on the planet. Brandon answers questions from listeners Mandy Ford and Melody Sample, pertaining to the very common topics of feeling "stuck" in a particular work situation, and having a harmonious relationship with both money and the "New Earth" that many like-minded people are attempting to bring about.

    Guy Finley grew up in the entertainment business and later in life he delved deeper into the nature of relationships, writing more than 45 books on self-realization including his latest, Relationship Magic: Waking Up Together which he discusses with Brandon in this episode, and touches upon its core theme: relationships as mirrors that help us see our "blind spots" and thus grow spiritually. Brandon reads from the book "Journey of Souls" by Michael Newton, an account of "life between lives" and one that Brandon read from as recently as episode This reading continues progressing through ever-higher levels of soul incarnations and is the first part of two halves from this chapter.

    Brandon talks about emergence, manifestation in the material world, and the idea that the most joyous creation happens effortlessly and that all of us are time travelers, since time is not an absolute constant but a relative construct. He reads a very synchronistic listener review that touches upon this, offers his own perspectives and plays a Bashar clip that deals in more detail with this mind-boggling concept.

    Ashley Strong is another listener with a regular presence in the Facebook closed group for P Heads, and she is also an intuitive development teacher as well as founder of the website lightloveandspirit. In the first episode for , Brandon shares some of the recent magical synchronistic developments in his life and the Positive Head Podcast, including some ideas that have been floating around for some time and which could represent the next phase of the podcast in new and exciting formats.

    David Verdesi has traveled the world for over thirty years researching and investigating spirituality and "siddhis" or superhuman mystical abilities, and in this interview he relates to Brandon his own experiences with synesthesia and levitation, shares his findings on everything from yogic to shamanic and religious traditions, and his conclusions about their common features beyond the merely intriguing, like expanded capacities for love and awareness. Brandon references a two-day break that the podcast took earlier this week, pertaining to show editor and original co-host Dalien being caught up in some "holiday-themed" turbulence, and addressing this indirectly and by proxy, he hopes to offer relief to any listeners that are going through similar rough patches during these year's end festivities.

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    Gary Temple Bodley found himself strongly attracted to the teachings of Esther Hicks and "Abraham" one day, and soon after he was bringing through another collective entity named "Joshua" who also speaks from a clear, powerful and inspiring nonphysical perspective. In this episode Brandon, Gary and Joshua trade points of view and talk about uniquely empowering concepts like the ideas that abundance is all there is and love is virtually synonymous with acceptance.

    Missy Conley is an inspirational author and blogger who is all about helping others understand the art of manifestation, and in this episode she shares her fascinating synchronistical path that led her to be on the brink of getting a book deal with Hay House. Brandon talks about "paths", or the myriad ways in which events and relationships can manifest in life, and even reads a review where a listener questions how they can be more trusting and fearless.

    He dives right into it at the top of the show and follows several threads and implications from the original concept of "paths" as he states it, which is connected to our relationship to the YOUniverse as an extension of ourselves.

    David Krantz specializes in genetic interpretation and explores how a person can maximize their personal potential by studying the nuances of their unique genetic make up. In this episode, he discusses the latest epigenetic research, explores factors like sound in health, how varying genetic signatures may effect veganism, and the implications of both THC and CBD. Brandon reads the "Message from the Cosmic God-dess", from the book The Psychic Explorer that is currently being read from on the show, and this chapter contains an engrossing tale and a fascinating universal picture of infinity.

    Brandon welcomes Sonya back on the show to conduct a tapping session and she also address some of the concerns and desires that listeners expressed they wanted to work on, which mainly had to do with fear in various guises. Art Burns is a mindfulness coach working with people in all walks of life to integrate mindfulness practices into all aspects of life, not just on the meditation cushion—he considers mindfulness to be the thing that rescued him from the insane mode of thinking that passes for normalcy on our planet, and he hopes to in turn help others through it.

    Brandon continues to touch upon difficult themes in the most gentle way possible, by referencing the anxiety, discomfort and negativity that many people experience these days for a multitude of reasons, and he tries to remind himself and all of us that trials and tribulations are not simply to be endured but appreciated, as well as bring up powerful simple tools we have to help us manage stress like our breath. Robin Tala is a poet, DJ, and empowerment coach who was raised on the mystical Sufi path in an eclectic midwestern community.

    In this week's Soul-Share, Tala tells his tale of meeting the Dalai Lama in his youth, as well as gracefully discusses and illuminates some touchy cultural topics and tensions.


    He also lights Brandon up with inspiration discussing his current primary passion and focus, helping to heal the planet with superfoods. Brandon addresses a debate that has arisen within the listener community, due to a recent guest whose energy is rather intense and uncompromising, and explores various perspectives in an effort to learn from this interaction.

    This episode is a reading from "The Pyschic Explorer" book by V. Van Dam, and on this occasion the chapter read is the message from the intelligence behind the celestial body we know as Saturn, which has been historically and esoterically associated with important qualities like structure, limitation and challenges for our entire solar system. Danny Rongo is an author and playwright as well as a Positive Head listener and fellow podcaster, also a singer-songwriter, activist and a direct disciple of the esteemed, late Dr.

    Wayne Dyer. Samantha Lotus is a friend of Brandon's that was originally scheduled to co-host on the show a few weeks back, but ended up making her first appearance through this episode's featured clip, which is from a video on the fear of failure she recently posted.

    Ajit Nawalkha was driven from an early age to tap into the roots of abundance, wealth and a fulfilling well-rounded life at all possible levels, from the physical to the spiritual, and he has been fortunate to collaborate with Mindvalley, a global education technology company working with a lot of the world's new-thought leaders. Warning: this episode contains practical advice on how to make money, be happy and contribute to the world. Brandon reads a message from "beyond the Beyond", an esoteric chapter of perspectives from beings that have passed beyond our known universe, from the "Psychic Explorer" book by V.

    Brnadon takes the opportunity to discuss an article on self-love and being single, from the site Elephant Journal, that was reposted and commented on by members of the Facebook group, and he ties this to a powerful new understanding of the "be-do-have" paradigm, which always begins with states of being that give way to experiences though many people aren't aware of this dynamic. Princeton Clark a self-mastery teacher and another listener that fellow P Heads ought to be familiar with, as he regularly posts on the closed Facebook group and is otherwise "on fire" as an empowered, aware and social-media savvy individual.