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DEATH OF A DRAGON Dunkelzahn the dragon's election as President of the United Canadian American States promised the dawn of a new era. But the hopes.
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Pros: The setting Shadowrun provides is a wonderful mix of fantasy and cyberpunk. Koke does an excellent job of making sure the lore mentioned is well explained and newcomers to the setting won't be thrown off too much. The novel does a good job of as an introductory piece for the next 2 books in the series.

It reads fast and the action scenes are pretty good. The plot is really interesting.

Ryan Mercury finds himself on a quest after the assassination of Dunkelzahn, the Great Dragon and Pros: The setting Shadowrun provides is a wonderful mix of fantasy and cyberpunk. Ryan Mercury finds himself on a quest after the assassination of Dunkelzahn, the Great Dragon and president of the United States. It involves the breadth of the Shadowrun universe with Aztlan, the elven Tirs, references to the insect spirits.

It's got a bit of everything for a Shadowrun buff. Middle ground: Unlike most pieces of this sort, the dialogue is surprisingly ok for the most part. Dunkelzahn, the great dragon, is actually pretty well written when he speaks. The problem is when serious emotion comes into play.

The dialogue becomes shit. Maybe it'd work in a movie or something, but on the page it's just awful. Cons: It's bad. There is no subtext. Every character motivation will receive a full paragraph of explanation from our omniscient narrator. The main character has his memories overwritten by a rich mogul and suffers through this conflict in the most hamfisted way imaginable.

The sex scenes are pretty mechanical. The worst is the lost opportunity with the character Burnout. Burnout is a cyberzombie. That is, someone who has had so much of their body replaced with cybernetic enhancements that they don't qualify as human anymore. His point-of-view chapters don't quite feel right.

Especially when he conveniently waxes philosophic about his backstory for the benefit of the reader. Being inside Burnout's head should be a lot creepier than it is. So, the book is not unbearable but it does continue the tradition for RPG tie-in books of being depressingly mediocre at their best. I'll probably eventually read books 2 and 3 in the trilogy to see how the plot ends. In , the Shadowrun world sees the oddest special election ever. With six political parties, with one frontrunner being a great dragon, the UCAS is in for a Super Tuesday like none other.

When the great dragon Dunkelzahn is elected, it changes everything, and it gets much more chaotic when on the night of his inauguration, the Big D as Dunkelzahn is known by the media is assassinated in a fiery explosion in front of the Watergate Hotel. The assassination of a great dragon is no small thing, In , the Shadowrun world sees the oddest special election ever.

Stranger Souls (Shadowrun, book 26) by Jak Koke

The assassination of a great dragon is no small thing, and where the explosion erupted becomes a spiritual no-fly zone as an astral rift appears at ground zero. From there, the presidential entourage finds out that Dunkelzahn may have had a plan all along as in the wake of his death they find his will - a will that has far reaching consequences for the Shadowrun world.

It's a great start and it covers a lot of the world shaking events of the election and the year to come in their meta plot. Good stuff. Jul 10, Nikolis Asimakis rated it really liked it Shelves: science-fiction , shadowrun , cyberpunk. Very good book. Has a lot of memorable characters like Nadja, the runners, Jane, Burnout etc and a very good story for the first book of a trilogy. The only thing I disliked is the presentation of new characters like Lethe, that were out of the blue and you only understood what you read after several chapters. Argon Sphere. Goa on My Mind Original Mix.

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