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Forbidden e-book only Frances, Lord Middlethorpe, is all set to marry the amiable Lady Anne Peckworth when he runs into a fleeing woman. Dangerous Joy Miles Cavanaugh, an Irish lord, wants nothing more than to hunt and ride his horses on his estate when he discovers that he is now the guardian to rebellious, young heiress Felicity Monahan.

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She'll get her wish too unless Miles can stop her or they fall in love—whichever comes first. The Demon's Mistress e-novella only Van, Lord Vandieman, returns from Waterloo to find his estate in ruins and his entire family dead from sickness. Deep in debt, Van is on the verge of suicide when he gets an interesting proposition from Marie Celestin, a wealthy, older widow. That should be just enough time to save his estate, find out what she's hiding and get her into his bed.

The Dragon's Bride e-book only Con Somerford, Viscount Amleigh, is not happy to have inherited the title of Earl of Wyvern nor the monstrous, Cornwall estate and house that goes with it. He's even less happy when he arrives at the house only to be met by Susan Kerslake pointing a pistol at him. To say they have an unhappy history would be an understatement and Con's PTSD and Susan's secrets are not helping the situation.

The Devil's Heiress e-book only Hawk, Maj. George Hawkinville, returns home after Waterloo to learn that his unscrupulous father has gambled away the family estate to gain a peerage, the title of the hated Lord Deveril. It will take a whole bunch of Rogues to finally sort the whole mess out.

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First by Francis Middlethorpe and next by Con Somerford. This polite, amiable woman is now very angry and not looking for a new suitor but she gets one anyway and he is completely unsuitable. Will they gamble everything for love? Raven e-book only Tristan Tregallows, the Duke of St.

Raven, is posing as a highwayman to catch the odious Lord Crofton when he stumbles upon Cressida Mandeville who is traveling with the debauched lord. Thinking he is saving her, he spirits her away.

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Cressida isn't at all happy to be rescued. She is on a quest to retrieve the family jewels hidden away at the house her father lost in a game of cards to Crofton. This book was originally published under the title: Noel's Christmas Wish. This novella was originally published under the title: Love Lessons.

They are available separately, as seen above, or you can buy a collection of three, for one handy reading experience. The book she is holding deals with domestic skills and a cultured upbringing. Viscount Blackthorne is better known as Blackheart, a notorious rogue with a reputation for seduction.

To Rescue A Rogue

The last thing he expects to find in the country is the stunning beauty he first eyed twelve years ago, the one woman who captivated his heart and made him question his ways. The widow Honey Hockley has given up on romance and settled into the quiet simplicity of her small Yorkshire village. So while Honey works to accept the possibility that life and love may yet hold some surprises for her, the Viscount works to clear his name and win over the one woman he believes can make him virtuous again. Known to be headstrong, and happily unattached, she takes it upon herself to call on the new resident and find out if the awful rumors about his family are true.

The Honourable Mr. Martindale welcomes life as a recluse. But what she fails to see is how badly the plan could backfire, or how it could jeopardize her own place in a family she has come to cherish—and in the heart of the man she has come to love. Charles Montrose, Viscount Ruston, has had a difficult life of his own. Left widowed by his one true love and raising a daughter alone, he now travels the world, aimlessly going from place to place in a futile effort to escape the pain of his loss. When the imperious Lady Ice shows up at his door, he finds himself attracted to this beautiful and hardened woman.

Driven by his attraction to the lovely Ann but daunted by her equally powerful rebuffs, Charles must devise a way to keep her at his estate long enough to delve deeper into the reasons for her frosty temperament. An Eccentric Engagement Sorrow Marchand has patiently endured the taunts of London society for her bold speech and curious ways, yet it was those very qualities of the sparkling young beauty that caught the eye of the Honorable Bertram Carlyle and ultimately elicited an offer of marriage from him.

What he never expected to find there was the widow Honey Hockley, the one woman who captured his heart twelve years earlier. And he has had help from none other than King Rogue, Nicholas. From his story, we know that Therese Bellaire is worse than evil. Glimpses of this woman in other stories also help understand what Dare has been through, and why we must regard him as very strong.

I loved this story because Dare gets to rescue Mara - who gets to rescue Dare. Who then gets to rescue Mara. Mara is also very strong, but of a type who needs adventure like others need air. That reciprocal rescue plot is lovingly entertwined with a number of other rescues and loves. I found that the addition of Delphie and Pierre gave the story a new depth and poignancy, as it acknowledges the collateral damages of war.

All in all, a great book. Jan 22, Margarks rated it it was ok Shelves: romance , historical , audiobook. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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To view it, click here. I listened to the audiobook version of this, rather than reading it. I generally love regency romance, and I have listened to one or two other Jo Beverly books.

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I did enjoy most of the hero and heroine interactions in this one, and there were a few parts that made me laugh out loud. The reason I didn't give this a higher rating was because Mara, the heroine, was sort of irritating. She starts off by making the huge mistake of going to a gaming hell with some random guy and then going to his rooms I listened to the audiobook version of this, rather than reading it.

She starts off by making the huge mistake of going to a gaming hell with some random guy and then going to his rooms with him, where she then has to escape.

She runs to Darius for protection and from there they fall in love, etc. But, even though she knows that Berkstead has an unnatural obsession with her she doesn't put 2 and 2 together and realize that he's the one sending her mysterious gifts. And then, when she finds out that he's been watching her, and when she gets disturbing notes from him, she doesn't tell anybody! It got fairly annoying because she's touted as a smart woman who can take care of herself, yet she acts so stupidly when it comes to Berkstead the man whose room she must escape in the beginning.

But, as a typical regency romance it was okay. I'd more likely recommend getting it used somewhere, though I'd still say it's an okay read. Sep 08, Mindy rated it it was ok Shelves: 2-stars , american-british-historical. I can't say that this book was all that great. It was the first book by Beverly I've read and I wasn't impressed. If Dare was the same guy she'd known as a kid it might be more believable That was the only real problem I had with the story itself.

All my other complaints are just that Eh All my other complaints are just that this story didn't satisfy my preferences: Mara acted too knowledgeable about sex for being a Victorian maiden; despite their being in love for over half the book, there were hardly any "good" parts; also, despite really liking Dare, I wasn't convinced that he loved Mara for an other reason than that she loved him.

This will probably be my first and last Jo Beverly book. Oh, and someone else commented that you actually don't ever really know what Dare looks like I vaguely recall some reference to the fact that he was blonde, but nothing more detailed. What's up with that? Apr 12, Greymalkin rated it it was ok Shelves: romance. While I appreciate the unique twist of having a drug-addicted hero, the actual characters were rather boring and the romance tepid.

There were so many cameos of the other characters in the Rogue series it was overwhelming and impossible to remember who was who. They all started sounding the same. I was excited at first to see more of Hal and Blanche's story but they were merely two names bandied about by the other characters. They were made out to sound much weaker and pathetic than they'd seeme While I appreciate the unique twist of having a drug-addicted hero, the actual characters were rather boring and the romance tepid.

They were made out to sound much weaker and pathetic than they'd seemed in the book where I first met them. There was a decided lack of charm in this book, alas! Nov 18, Sherry rated it really liked it. I like Jo Beverly and like her lack of hot, steamy sex. I learned a lot about opium withdrawal in this novel.

I didn't care for the silliness of somene's hair causing a certain behavior; it was more than irritating. Because I did not have the ability of reading all the books in order, the characters sometimes became confusing to me. I think this is my favorite one of the Company of Rogues series.

Dare is such a strong, fearless hero. I fell in love with him all over again. The narrator is excellent and really brings the characters to life. Happy reading! Jun 16, Ilze rated it liked it Shelves: jo-beverley.

The hero's struggle with opium addiction was very well described, in my opinion, but the heroine was too young for the hero and too full of herself to be appealing.