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by Antonio Rodrigues (Author), Mandy Rodrigues (Author), Edward Wolff (Author) & 1 more.​ The combination of perfectionism and time urgency stress creates a high risk for developing and having certain diseases including CANCER,CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES, METABOLIC SYNDROME.
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Mission Fitness Center. The Mission Fitness Center is home to the three story fitness center located in the valley. While anyone can go workout at the Mission Fitness Center with their school ID, students can also enjoy smoothies and food at the Missions Cafe located on the 1st level. The 2nd level is home to all the cardio machines and the 3rd level is mainly dedicated to weights.

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The Mission Fitness Center also has a versatile studio located on the first level where a variety of USD fitness classes take place. With USD Fit classes, you pay a small fee to participate in a certain workout class for the whole semester. The USD Fit program offers classes year round during fall and spring semesters and our intercession and summer breaks. USD Personal Training. The personal trainers are trained to support you in working towards your personal goals on overall health and physical activity.

António Rodrigues (Author of Radiestesia Prática e Ilustrada)

To learn more about personal training packages visit the link above. As many USD students know, intramurals are a great way to get involved on campus, meet new people and get a fun workout in while doing it. Visit the link above to view the intramurals calendar and register! Sports Club. If you played sports in high school, joining a sports club team may be a great fit for you!

It is a level down from being on the official sports team for USD but also a step up from playing on an intramural team.

Mental Health; Stress/Perfectionism

Being part of a sports club requires an initial try-out for the team, attendance at weekly practices, games and tournaments. Click the link above to learn more about the different club teams that are available at USD. Recreation Classes. Students are able to receive. Campus Recreation offers over 60 classes each semester to choose from. Visit the link above to learn more about the different classes you can choose from and how to register online. Aquatics and Swimming. The Sports Center pool is a great place to relax with friends on the weekend or get a quick swim in on those warmer days in San Diego.

Click the link above to see when the pool is open to the public.

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Mission Bay Aquatic Center. Outdoor Adventures. USD Outdoor Adventures, also known as OA, allows students to take part in a variety of outdoor activities in San Diego and several out of state destinations. Some of their most well-known programs include the Pre-orientation retreat for first-year students, overnight trips, outdoor recreation classes, and day trips around San Diego.

OA is located in UC OA also offers various rentals for students to use on their own adventures. They rent out a variety of equipment including tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, stoves, kayaks, surfboards, wetsuits, bikes and so much more! Next time you are planning a beach day or camping adventure remember to go check out the trips and rentals OA has to offer you! USD Walking Map. With such a relaxing and beautiful landscape, our campus provides a wonderful place to stretch your legs and take a break from your work indoors.

There are so many fun ways to celebrate the end of the semester before heading home. Have a plan ahead of time ….

Remember that this is a mostly complete guide, and that there are more protective choices than just those described here. The best choices for you may include others that prioritize your safety and health based on the situation. If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol dependence or abuse, please reach out! Student Wellness provides free consultations to students who have concerns about themselves or a friend. The Center for Health and Wellness Promotion can support and guide you in helping yourself or a friend.

Call to set up an appointment or visit University Center Room For many people, procrastination is a strong impulse whose potency has led to many productive days being wasted, and for college students, procrastination is most evident during finals season when life can get a little overwhelming, to say the least. This article will focus on the causes of procrastination and offer tips on how to best avoid procrastination before finals.

To begin, we need to address what procrastination is and why we procrastinate in the first place. Procrastination is the practice of carrying out less urgent tasks in favor of more urgent tasks, or doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, thus effectively putting off important tasks for a later time. While everyone puts things off until the last minute sometimes, procrastination is the act of chronically avoiding difficult tasks or putting off important assignments in favor of distractions, which is unhealthy and can have negative results.

So what causes this behavior? Many psychologists are split on what exactly causes us to procrastinate, however the general belief is that procrastination is a kind of avoidant behavior and coping mechanism that has gone awry. This coping mechanism usually rears its head when people feel fear, dread, or anxiety about an important task, thus they cope by merely putting it off.

The attachment of negative emotions, like anxiety, to an important task leads the individual to compensate by seeking activities that bring them joy or distract them from their fear-inducing responsibilities. Sadly, this relief is only temporary as procrastination can only provide brief relief before the impending reality of a task must be faced, thus leading to stress. The bright side? You can overcome procrastination with these helpful tips!

Finals can be stressful and overwhelming, but be kind to yourself and try to avoid the temptation to procrastinate. Even though Netflix may be calling your name, make sure to take care of yourself and prioritize your studying! Get lots of sleep, eat healthy, and avoid procrastination for the best results on your finals. If at any point you feel too stressed or you think you may want help, remember we have wonderful resources on campus , such as the Center for Health and Wellness Promotion, the Counseling Center, and other student care resources, and others — reach out if you would like some additional support!

Sometimes this season of celebration can be overwhelming but by following these tips you can have a happy, healthy and relaxing holiday season!

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We all know the holidays are packed with rich comfort food and lots of sweet treats. Try to take small portions and eat in moderation to avoid stuffing yourself and regretting it later. Try your best to indulge only in your favorite holidays treats rather than aimlessly trying one of each of the sweets. Working out during the holidays is just as important as it is any other time of the year. Especially when there is a lot going on, working out helps you feel energized and can even help relax you from all the gift giving and family time.

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And, what a better way to stay healthy than to workout to balance out the holiday food you may be indulging in! While traveling, it is beneficial to wash your hands frequently to avoid catching a cold from any of the travelers around you. The holidays are meant to be a happy time with family and loved ones but sometimes they can end up being a lot more stressful than anticipated. Balancing family time and the financial struggle of gift giving are both prominent stressors during the holidays. A good tip for dealing with holiday stress is creating a plan ahead of time.

Often we wait until the last minute to think about gifts or when we will see which family and friends. Try planning ahead and getting on top of all the planning a few weeks before break starts. Having a game plan can really help reduce stress during the holiday season. While the holidays are all about giving and spending time with family and loved ones, it is also important to show yourself some love. Remember to take some time out of the hectic family time to treat yourself! Take time out of the busy holiday season to do something that makes you happy! Happy Holidays! Dear Perfectionist,.

I wrote this letter about three times before the words felt right on my tongue. It took three times for my thoughts to feel sound. It was a strange, self-reflective process that led me to this point, and I wonder if any of you feel like this too? My guess: yes. It has taken a lot of time, reflection and personal strength to learn to see myself as more than my accomplishments.

I have experienced a lot of what the perfectionist in me would consider personal failures. Sometimes this looks like a lot of self-evaluation, a consistent reevaluation of goals, and an overwhelming amount of criticism. It has taken a lot of growth for me to learn how to reframe what I sometimes see as flaws to things I accept and sometimes even love about myself. There are definitely still days I struggle with the critical voice in my head, and when I do, I use the list below to calm myself and reset my personal expectations.

So, to all the other perfectionists out there, here is my advice to you:. Failure will happen. We are human, and we will make mistakes. The goal is to try and let go of the need to be perfect and allow ourselves to be okay when failure or mistakes happen. To all my fellow perfectionists, you are not alone. You can overcome any negativity that you may be feeling.

You are worth so much as a human being, and when you make mistakes, I hope you have the strength and grace to let them roll off your shoulders. Remember to take pride in the little things; even the smallest step in the right direction is growth. And maybe even yourself.