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Die Nahrungsergänzungsmittel-Revolution: Mit den richtigen Vitalstoffen zum gesunden, schlanken und glücklichen Ich (German Edition) - Kindle edition by.
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The film focuses on the friendship between two fourth-graders — Fritzi and Sophie — who are separated when Sophie flees to the West via Hungary with her mother during the summer holidays. Fritzi wants to see Sophie again and gradually gets caught up in the increasing protests and demonstrations that eventually lead to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The film is based on the children's book "Fritzi war dabei: Eine Wendewundergeschichte" by German author Hanna Schott, with illustrations by Gerda Raidt. DW spoke with the author. DW: Ms. Schott, how did Fritzi come about? I thought that maybe the people who were there during that time might not live in Leipzig anymore or that they didn't read the newspaper.

He contacted people who had gone to the demos with their children in the beginning. Then I had various conversations and from those I created the character Fritzi.

The Lost Revolution: Germany by Chris Harman

The one who is the most like Fritzi now lives in Braunschweig. In contrast to the film, I only included things that people had told me in the book. Yet if you went abroad to France or England, you had to struggle to communicate. I found that very fascinating.

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Later, in pubs in Marburg, we discussed whether GDR citizens should be robbed of their cultural goods or not. Fritzi was my first book with her. She was born in East Berlin and lives in Leipzig. That was also very important in terms of content. Every chapter that I finished, I sent to Gerda Raidt. I had also portrayed the teacher too positively for her taste.

She is really caricatured in the film — much more severe and crazier than in the book. I did many, many readings of the book. They said: "Nobody here is interested in it anymore. And people said they liked the fact that I wanted to know all about it. Nobody knows anything anymore.

Rayman Revolution - Ich will den Schatz (German-Version)

The lack of knowledge is the same now. Last week in Bad Oeynhausen, I read to fifth graders who had no idea that there used to be two Germanys. And a third-grade class in Aachen was quite sure that northern and southern Germany used to be separated. Legally, the script has to be shown to the author. I also had the right to veto it.

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A film version is always far from the original. I couldn't expect that my little book, which has almost pages with illustrations, could be turned into 90 minutes of cinema. Some other things would have to be invented into the story as well.

I would only have vetoed it if it had really been against the spirit and meaning of the book's story. It's not like that. It's enough for me if the children ask at home afterwards: "How was it back then, tell me? Yes, of course it was important to me that it was also stipulated in the contract that the film would be called Fritzi. Otherwise, I would gain nothing more from it. I can only hope that this will prolong the life of the book. A lot of attention has been paid to the book, which surprises and pleases me.

Above all, I think it's wonderful how much effort they put into making Leipzig look like it was. I think that's a great success.

Zur Verteidigung des Parteiaufbaus

My audience are fairly young children. They now have three to four school years behind them. In the years to come, they will have to learn all about the misery of German history. And I think reunification is simply the most beautiful story in German history. I think it's good that the filmmakers have taken on the [German] subtitle, "a miracle of change story. If they had been fictional, you would have said they were very far-fetched.

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This book offers novel perspectives on the history of the revolution, a thorough engagement with its main thinkers and an analysis of its relevance for contemporary political thought. Gaard Kets is a historian and political theorist and lectures in political science at Radboud University, the Netherlands. His current research focuses on council communist ideology and the German Revolution.

Lenin considered its success vital for the spread of socialism and the survival of the Soviet Union. To ask why it failed and what the revolutionaries could have done differently remains as relevant as ever. This excellent collection, focusing on often neglected aspects of the tumultuous period, makes an important contribution to both historical scholarship and political strategizing today.

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A Documentary History of the German Revolution of It is a significant contribution to interpretations of the revolution and how to build democratic socialist societies. This is an important and exciting book that will interest readers beyond the academic boundaries of history and political theory. Ness, and An Alternative Labour History Light is shed on important figures such as Gustav Landauer and Rosa Luxemburg and, at the same time, original ideas about radical democracy and state building are discussed with scholarly detail and acute contemporary relevance.

The book will be of great interest to students, academics, and activists seeking to learn more about modern German history, political theory, and strategies for the democratisation of society. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Publishing With Us.