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Free Download: Cherish (Gay Erotic Romance),What are some "interesting" from reading the book? You can find book "Tool Tavern - Cherish (Gay Erotic.
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But as the story progressed I enjoyed it. Elsa was simply adorable. This is a fast paced short and sweet story with plenty of action and suspense as is fitting an adventure series. Really good addition to the series. Title: The Temple of Time. Length: Novel pgs. Publisher: Geoffrey Knight June 17, Blurb: There is a civilization that vanished without trace. There is a lost temple that can change time as we know it.

There is a fragile fraternity that protects the most important secret in human history.

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And there is one man who will destroy everything and anyone to know the truth—his name is Caro Sholtez. In his possession are the four pieces of the most powerful mythical clock in the world, and the only person who can stop him from finding the Temple that can unlock Time itself is Professor Fathom. It is recommended to read the series in order to fully appreciate the sequence of events.

Review: The gang is back for more adventure in this exciting addition to the series. Caro wants the piece of the clock to change time. He will stop at nothing from attaining the knowledge he seeks to achieve his goal. Exciting, adventurous and danger are all in abundance in this fifth installment. The gang must stop Caro, but Caro is on a mission no matter the cost. I truly enjoyed this action packed installment.

Danger is in abundance as well as sexy times in between the adventures the group are involved in.

Title: The Tomb of Heaven. Length: Novella pgs. Publisher: Geoffrey Knight February 14, Blurb: There is a man who changed the course of Russian history in his quest for the ultimate power. There is a hidden tomb that holds the secret to eternal life. There are five keys that can unlock the riddle to something every man desires—immortality. From the islands of Mauritius to the streets of Karachi, from the rooftop terraces of Park Avenue to the ice-capped rooftop of the world, can New York adventurer Jake Stone and Texas cowboy Shane Houston find the mythical Tomb of Heaven before the legendary Elixir of Life falls into the wrong hands?


Or is the destiny of humankind about to change forever? Review: Jake and Shane go on an adventure to find the elixir of life and immortality before it falls into the wrong hands. I liked that romance seems to blossom but in each book it also appears elusive.

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There are still plenty of sexy times to be had as the two continue on with their mission. Title: Learning Patience. November 28, Blurb: Shane Dunn has double the worries of the other saved souls… Like his son is Nephilim too. And mating would bring drama, but still, Shane has always hoped that his mate was a Hellhound once he learned about them.

Dreaming of the love some of the others have.

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Colton Sethos is an impatient, loud guy every day of the week, but he likes munchkins. Never would he have thought his mate was one of the parents of his new karate class. Things start off great, but when Norberto starts acting out and Shane picks his son over Colton, is there really a chance for them to be together forever? Shane was a save soul just like his son. They were both Nephilim and evil wanted them both.

So he kept his son and himself away from the others. That is until one of the hellhounds figures out he is his mate.

Colton is a loud mouth hell hound who wants what he wants right then and now. But he loved teaching the kids. But the kid is just a bit jealous of his father and Colton.

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  6. Going to need to be calm, cool and collected now. This one is a bit different as is Garnet being in trouble but no outside danger. Title: Eye of the Dragon. Publisher: Dreamspinner Press 10 May Blurb: Graduate student Cameron is on the trail of an ancient Chinese artifact, a ruby with a history. They head off to the salt flats and mountains of Utah, searching for a lost wagon train from the eighteen hundreds.

    What they find is danger beyond normal comprehension and a stone that drives men to insanity. When it becomes too late to turn away from their quest, Poe and Cam put themselves and their friends in deadly peril. In saying that, I certainly had no surprises, so I found it easier to read.

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    Eye of the Dragon is the sequel to Oil and Water, first publish in by Torquere press and second edition published by Dreamspinner in The story is a wild ride with tons of sex. I feel that there was never really any real context to the random sex scenes and it broke up the book too much for me. But the plot is fun, reading the blurb it made me think of a modern day, gay Indiana Jones type of thing.

    Cameron is a grad student who is out to get some life experience, and he finds it when he meets Poe we met him briefly in book 1 in Mexico. The adventure is Poe and Cameron trying to find the relic known as the Eye of the Dragon. The guys together make a great couple and there really is a great spark between them, I just felt that it was lost along the way. Title: Oil and Water. Publisher: Dreamspinner Press 11 Jan Blurb: Oilman Max inherits a passel of trouble when his boss passes away and leaves him a house in England, a family full of squabbles, and a heck of a lot of money.

    Colorful, carefree, and a little crazy, Morgan is just what Max needs, and the two set out on the adventure of a lifetime, chasing pleasure wherever it takes them, learning that together they can make anything fun… and sexy. Will their different worlds conspire to separate them like oil and water? Review: This was an interesting experience for me.

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    Which made it interesting. The story is about Max and Morgan, who are both obscenely rich which is what makes the stories and its numerous settings possible. But things look up when he meets Morgan. Morgan is laid back and his carefree lifestyle is funded by his millionaire father. As soon as they meet each other the crazy whirlwind of adventure takes off. Now Max and Morgan have to figure out where their next adventure together takes them. While I enjoyed the story and despite being well written, I found it difficult to connect to and get really stuck into the story and the pace was too slow.

    In the end it boiled down to that I feel that this was a story of a couple of spoiled men just bumming around, travelling and having sex. Series: Tribal Culture Studio Genre: Coming of Age, Contemporary. Publisher: Mike E. Galloway September 7, Blurb: Jason Gelardi is a college dropout who wants the perfect life and the perfect boyfriend. With a knack for photography, he establishes Tribal Culture Studio, a modeling agency in San Diego, and hires several hot guys to be models for him. Over the course of his career, he works with a charming surfer, a mechanical engineering graduate student, and a rising water polo athlete, among others.

    TCS: The Studio is a coming-of-age experience for Jason as he learns responsibility and self-reliance. Find out which of the lucky studs he can end up with, and how successful he can become at not only love, but in business. Jason has dropped out and on the lookout for a boyfriend, he decides the perfect career will help him. He can take their photos and get a good look at the man candy while doing it. Where as his cousin wants to get in and well you can see where that which direction that is going to go. Jason is a whiny brat who needs to go back to adulting.

    He has the worst taste in boyfriends and might just cost him. The characters were interesting but they sounded like each other although Jason does have his own voice. However the other two were different people but the way the story was told, one would think they were the same guy. The dialog was off quite a bit.

    The plot or what I had assumed was the plot started off pretty good, but then it lost it part way in.