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Evil, in a general sense, is the opposite or absence of good. It can be an extremely broad . Most monotheistic religions posit that the singular God is all- powerful, all-knowing, and completely good. The problem of evil asks how the apparent.
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Many assume that the existence of evil disproves the existence of God. So which is it? Thus we readily admit that evil is a problem and we also admit that if God created the world the way it is today, he would not be a God of love, but rather an evil God. Evil came as a result of the selfishness of man. The Bible says that God is a God of love and He desired to create a person and eventually a race that would love Him. This choice made the possibility of evil become very real.

When Adam and Eve disobeyed God, they did not choose something God created, but, by their choice, they brought evil into the world.

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God is neither evil nor did He create evil. Because of the fall, the world now is abnormal. Things are not in the state that they should be in. Man, as a result of the fall, has been separated from God. Nature is not always kind to man and the animal world can also be his enemy.

There is conflict between man and his fellowman. None of these conditions were true before the fall.

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Any solution that might be given to the problems mankind faces must take into consideration that the world as it stands is not normal. Although evil is here and it is real, it is also temporary. Evil will eventually be destroyed.

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This is the hope that the believer has. There is a new world coming in which there will be no more tears and pain because all things will be made new Revelation Paradise lost will be paradise regained. God will right every wrong and put away evil once and for all, in His time.

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Christians have a justification for fighting evil, immorality and corruption. The world was not designed with evil in mind and the believer has a real basis for fighting social ills. He is not following the belief that whatever is, is right. God does not desire evil nor does he ever condone it. He hates evil, and the Christian also is not only to despise evil, he is obligated to do something about it. The heroes soon turned their gaze on Azmodan, who began his invasion from Mount Arreat, after a long fight against his armies the heroes confronted Azmodan and battled with the Lord of Sin, they were victorious and Azmodan's essence was confined into the soulstone.

Adria soon betrayed the heroes and performed a ritual to use Leah as Diablo's vessel.

Diablo and his forces assaulted the High Heavens and he shattered the Diamond Gates with the intent of corrupting the Crystal Arch. However, they were unsure if the Great Evils had been truly defeated. It is unclear which, if any, of the Prime Evils leads. Though it is never stated outright, Diablo has been generally assumed to be the foremost of the Three.

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The Brothers have over the span of the games often worked closely together and without any apparent sign of discord between them. This is strictly opposite to what we've come to know of all other demons, who constantly vie for power at the expense of their other brethren. Traditionally this has been held to indicate that the Three have been above such squabbling amongst each other, however when talking to Inarius Diablo gives another impression:.

Despite the name, the Lesser Evils are far from weak; they are only lesser in comparison to the Prime Evils. There are four known Lesser Evils, and they were spawned from the remaining four heads of Tathamet.

‘An Unprecedented Evil Persecution’—Chapter Three: Suppressing the Truth Is the Root of All Evil

Though historically they answered to the Prime Evils, the Lesser Evils each reigned over their own territories of Hell and served as demon lords to their own demonic minions. These four overthrew the Brothers and banished them to Sanctuary, where they were subsequently hunted down and imprisoned within the Soulstones. Azmodan quickly wrested control of Hell from the other three Lesser Evils, and it is unknown what he did with his defeated allies.

They did all survive until the Prime Evils returned and both Andariel and Duriel traveled to Sanctuary to aid the Prime Evils in their quest. Sign In.

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Support Contact PRO. Tathamet Diablo. A seven-headed dragon composed of all darkness and vileness that Anu cast off itself before the universe was created. Not much is known about Tathamet but it is known that he was the only reason that The Burning Hells came into existence. Tathamet battled Anu, and when the two beings died the seven heads of Tathamet became the seven Great Evils.

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