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Certainly, there are way too many people on this planet, and if we all had to depend on hunting for survival I'm not sure what knowing what a real strawberry has to do with this, though, in connection with hunting. Aber das ist in D-land sowieso nicht der Fall. Comment Und ich bin wie du, ich haue Lebewesen auch nicht so gerne auf den Kopf. Darum war ich auch so lange Vegitarier.

Comment Bin zwar selbst kein Vegetarier, aber ich esse sehr wenig Fleisch. Wie brutal! Die armen Thunfische. Comment wpr That was exactly what made my husband become a vegetarian when he was 16 - he had the chance to visit a slaughterhouse, and the most deterring thing wasn't what he saw or smelled, but what he already heard when he was still pretty far away. Concerning our experience of what we actually eat, and the fact that many children think milk comes from Aldi, I'm totally with you, Selkie , although dude has a point, too, if it comes to hunting as a?

Comment grml. Comment So, I don't seem to be a normal person. I've been in a slaugtherhouse part of my studies and I'm not vegetarian. We also dissected small animals and organs of the bigger ones But I get your point, it makes one really feel uncomfortable to actually see, smell end hear what's going on there.

Vor allem an Gymnasien — das zeigt auch die Bertelsmann-Studie — sind die German words that begin with e.

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German words that begin with ei. A prophecy about Switzerland: The Swiss mercenaries will become Swiss messengers of mercy. He compares the 'tradition' of Swiss mercenaries of the last centuries with the Christians: as the former one were know for their loyalty and courage so the Christian church in Switzerland will be known for the same.

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Interesting, but a bit dated. An absurd mystery: a journalist travels to an African country in order to document the murder of a Swiss woman there. She witnesses much of war and intrigues As the title mentions, its a book about observing the observer being observed, and it is written in 24 sentences, some of these sentences cover 8 pages the book has pages. An interesting read. They met and the writer wrote this epos about the cyclist, the first ever hymn for a Swiss sports star. Albi Altorfer added some illustrations. Judge Di wants to make a short holiday with another judge. When he arrived, judge Teng's wife is found murdered and the figures on the red laquer screen have been overdrawn, so that the man is now carrying a knife The man is holding a knife in his hand he put around the woman.

But who made this change on that screen???

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I've been meaning to get to the next in chronological order, The Chinese Lake Mystery , but I haven't managed to fit it in yet. A fun read: Shakespeare Scheiksbier written in Swiss German, and a humorous play as well. All these intrigues and disguises. Lif is a seesaw, one goes up, then other goes down.

I love the word Gigampfi and use it very often. Sadly lots of young people don't know this word anymore. Franz Doppler was a bookseller in Baden and wrote a dedication to my father into the book - but I only read it now.

An easy read about learning from a cat's behaviour :. Yes, I started late into the new year :. Detzective stories for children with puzzle drawings. The four kids and their squirrel are quite quick in discovering the hidden hints. Based on Psalm there are some prayers and blessings from different parts of the world collected.

Given to Suki some time ago, she liked some of these prayers you surround me, oh Lord Kim studied theology in Germany and then went back to Korea to teach in Seoul. But lectured about God but did not know him personally. When he got restless, an older pastor told him about a village church without a pastor in the far South of the country, he should go there and experience God instead of only lecturing about him.

So he went, he arrived late at night. The next was Sunday and he started the children's service in the small chapel. When later the adults arrived he got a shock: these were all people who had leprosy at one time. An old woman was sitting in the first row, without nose or ears, also her hands were mutilated by the illness. Another old lady grasped his hand and told him that since she left her family with 18 because of leprosy, his is the first healthy hand she has touched since then.

She praised God - and he wondered how such a woman can praise God in such a situation. But he stayed and experienced in a very personal way.

A moving story, tells everyday stories from the leprosy village with humour and sympathy. When a somebody gets leprosy in Korea, they will be sent to Sorokdo, the leprosy island, where they have to live till the leprosy is not contagious anymore. Then they can return to the mainland and leave in certain villages. In the late s Kim Yo-Suk was here in Basel.

It was moving listening to his stories from the village. Peter is the youngest rabbit and the least obedient. He runs into the neighbour's garden and nearly gets caught Happy Wednesday, Paul. Anthony Cade comes back from South Africa with a manuscript of a biography which seems to some scandalous content and a package of letters a lady was blackmailed.

Different people are interested in these papers A rather lengthy mystery, but a good read. Peter wakes up one morning and goes happily out to play in the snow A nice children's book. He said they were to read to his sister now 6 weeks old when I babysit for her whenever that might be. I have no idea why he brought me two of the same book. Maybe they were at his house, or maybe he found them in a Little Free Library.

I have no idea why. I used to love to read them to my own kids when they were young. I love that story. It's such a classic. I'm glad you liked it! I just got two other Beatrix Potter books donated to my own Little Free Library and registered them in tonight. I read it to my own three kids when they were young.

Of course, I read the English version. Madeline, you have your own steady income of books, it seems.

Do you catalog all the new donation to your little free library before anyone else can get hold of them? Your grandson probably gave you two in order to give one to his sister to watch and one for your to read : thougthful boy. I have done this since , when I became a member of Bookcrossing. That was long, long before there ever were any Little Free Libraries. I belong to a local real life BookCrossing club which meets monthly. Our goal is to rehome any used books that people are willing to donate.

Twice a year, we have a booth in local book festivals where we collectively give away between 1,, gently used books.

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Little Free Library just helps give away books in a more organized way. These have only been around for about five years. For me, the fun of BookCrossing is following the journey of individual books. The BookCrossing website. Bookcrossing is not related in any way to Little Free Library , but they work well together. Both websites are free to join with no strings so you can take more of a look around them.